The Most Common Myths About Botox

The Most Common Myths About Botox

The decision to have plastic surgery done, especially above the neck, can be quite nerve wracking. With so many myths circulating about Botox, it’s difficult to discern fact from fiction. While procedures have been botched in the past, this typically happens when the surgery recipient has not done the proper research on their surgeon’s credentials.

For those who have been contemplating Botox, read on as we dissect and debunk these various myths.

  1. Isn’t Botox incredibly dangerous?

This is where bargain hunting will get you into trouble. Many patients do not wish to pay the costs associated with a top notch, licensed surgeon and attempt to get surgery done overseas or on the black market. Botox that has been approved is only administered by the most highly qualified, trained physicians, so there is no need to worry.

  1. Don’t the treatments hurt?

Lots of people who consider Botox end up opting out of the surgery because they’ve been led to believe that the procedure is incredibly painful. While pain thresholds do vary from person to person, the vast majority of Botox recipients have reported very minor discomfort. Botox is done with a tiny needle and there is no need for anesthetic.

  1. It eliminates every wrinkle

Some Botox patients end up disappointed because of their false belief that Botox is a magic cure-all for each and every wrinkle on their face. In reality, Botox is best used for wrinkles caused by movement. Meanwhile, static wrinkles (those that exist whether you are moving or not) require a variety of different treatments.

  1. Botox isn’t able to treat my whole face

Patients are often led to believe that Botox can only cure wrinkles on certain parts of the face. In fact, not only is Botox great for wrinkles on the upper half of the face, but it can also be used to smooth out the mouth’s corners and allow your eyes to appear more wide open.

  1. I won’t have the same range of facial expressions

Thanks to movies and TV shows, people have developed the idea that Botox injections will leave you incapable of smiling, crying, or laughing. Not only is this not true, but Botox injections actually enhance your facial expression abilities, not hamper them. When performed under the watchful eye of a trained physician, Botox injections amplify your face’s range of motion.

  1. Isn’t Botox a toxic poison?

For some reason, the myth that Botox is poisonous and toxic has taken root. This is despite the fact that Botox injections have been administered for over 20 years now, encompassing millions of treatments. Several studies have been performed to analyze the effects of Botox in those who had received multiple injections over the course of several years and no long term issues were discovered.

Botox is only gaining in popularity and it is easy to see why. Helping people to regain their formerly youthful appearance, it helps to eliminate wrinkles and have you looking your best. It doesnt stop there, Botox has been found to treat excessive sweating, migraines and other treatments which have helped changed the way people live.

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