Say Goodbye to Acne with this New Treatment

Say Goodbye to Acne with this New Treatment

If your acne remedies aren’t working for you, perhaps your skin needs a little bit of ‘richness’ to heal those red poppers, for good. A new research developed that uses gold particles claimed to be the latest and effective ‘It’ treatment for acne. Here’s how it works.

The company that develops the technique – Sebacia, Inc. – is well-known for their research and developing breakthrough treatments in dermatology, and now their next action to fight acne for good, using proprietary micronized gold and silica particles and placed in suspension, to be activated upon the light from hair removal laser for specific and localized target, as reported in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

When the particles are exposed to the light, it creates a photothermal effect surrounding sebaceous glands, to reduce overall activity and in turn, reduces inflammation of acne on the surface. And as the study shows, the treatment works well for acne that exists either on the surface or underneath your skin (as common with cystic acnes).

Unlike the use of pills or topical creams and lotions (like Benzoyl Peroxides and retinol, to name a few) that are applied directly to acne, this latest combo targets sebaceous follicles and glands directly, to kill acne from the root cause. It’s believed the effectiveness of hair removal lasers to remove unwanted hair, will provide immediate and sustained relief from acne as well – appearance and occurrence-wise – when combine with the gold-silica particles.

Based on clinical trials conducted by the company, results can be seen as early as a month post-treatment, with three treatments using the system given two weeks apart.

Side effects are there, though it’s quite mild and transient; including redness and slight swelling after each procedure. And based on observation, projected gold particles that are used to kill acne isn’t retained within the skin (could this be a downside of not having some gold for your own? Just kidding).

If the system gets thumbs up from the FDA, the approach will surely give a new insight in treating acne for good, especially with moderate to severe cases like cystic acne, to provide you a long-time relief, as well as providing another solution, should other treatments are proven to be ineffective for your acne.

And yes, with such sophisticated treatment, it’s conducted as an in-office procedure for effective results (and the machine is surely pricey too). Though with the expansion of technology, you can expect they’d make an in-house treatment of using this breakthrough acne-fighting system.

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