Micro Needling Review

Micro Needling Review

The In-Depth Cover; All about Micro Needling

While micro needling has been used as part of treatment for resurfacing lasers for years, currently the trend of utilizing this tool is emerging, as seen on commercially-made of micro needle (and the tools are made to look sleek and sexy) that can be used in the comfort of our home. If it’s suitable for home use, it must be safe, right? Read on to find out more.

Basically, micro needling is a method known as skin needling, used for years actually for patients before getting their laser shot. And now, the tool becomes famous once again, as it’s suitable for every skin type and color (laser – not so much – with the best results is for fair skin ones because of the potential hyperpigmentation and scarring issues) and now the use of those needles is noted for the efficiency in various types of scars, photo aging, stretch marks, or even to stimulate hair growth!

The needles are made to be so tiny (between 0.1 mm to 2 mm in length) that it will able to pierce4 into multiple skin layers, eventually producing small holes (or ‘injuries’) in dermis, which in turn will cause your body to start produce growth factors, essential for collagen synthesis and repair mechanism. As a result, your skin will look more polished and youthful.

Generally speaking the length of needles used for the tool very much depends on the intended use – using micro needling tools specially made for home use have shorter needles and won’t cause you too much ‘injuries’ and in turn, less effective. Simply because overall result depends on a number of factors such as depth and frequency of penetration, number of times you’re rolling the tool, as well as the potential overlapping on rolling those tiny needles.

Specialized micro needles on the other hand that are available from dermatologists are much longer for desired results, and certainly you need some topical anesthesia, sterilizing the area to be treated, before the procedure. And of course, with specialized tool for the specialist himself, you can fairly expect near instant result, worthwhile than micro needles for home, though you still need to expect few side effects like mild bleeding and bruising after treatment. Hence, second session should be made at least a month apart.

Is microneedling safe in all cases? Not really; certain conditions need to be taken before getting your first treatment such as skin rashes, moles or raised lesions in the area. If you used to have keloids or hypertrophic scarring, collagen vascular diseases, fungal infections, or having disorders with the immune system, no matter how small it is, you might want to avoid microneedle altogether (we don’t want any keloids to form on the face, do we?).

In short, the approach of using a micro needle is indeed helpful as the treatment is gentle enough (ironically) yet it produces results that fairly long enough for you to get feel how youthful your skin are. Just a bit of manipulation to your own system is certainly won’t hurt, at all.

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